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Shannon Watts responds to armed heroes who stopped/engaged Texas church shooter......

Updated: Dec 31, 2019


As many know, a shooting was stopped today at a Texas church because armed good guys were there. 2 church goers were killed, but countless lives were saved. Shannon Watts , founder of “Bloomberg’s” Moms Demand Action, is not happy about that. No words.....

This vile woman is mad that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy (a convicted felon) with a gun. It was all over in seconds because armed good guys were in the church (video of it all unfolding can be found here.)

Takeaways from Shannon’s tweets (according to her):

1. It‘s bad that people are allowed to protect themselves with firearms in places of worship

2. Allowing people to protect themselves with firearms is the work of the “gun lobby”

3. It’s all the NRA’s fault (and you’re a “ghoul“ for being glad the bad guy was stopped by a good guy with a gun)

4. “Laws weakening protection” (according to Shannon) saved countless other lives today

5. It’s obvious that this woman is pissed there isn’t a high body county so they can’t use it to recruit for Moms Demand Action and push their agenda

6. Her and her organization are against COMMON SENSE safety measures that deal with REAL SOLUTIONS to problems

7. The fact that a tragedy was stopped from being much worse and she’s mad about that just proves what her and her ilk are: ghouls that capitalize off of death

This is the reality of why more people survived today:

Notice how she leaves out that another ARMED MAN stopped the shooting? The Governor was praising the heroes that stopped it, but Shannon doesn’t care.

Shannon and her agenda will get people killed. We, as law abiding gun owners, need to always be prepared. We also need to show up at EVERY town hall meeting, lobby day, etc that Moms Demand Action will be at. Use this article as proof that they don’t give a rat’s ass about safety and that their leader is angry it was stopped. Who are the “ghouls” now?

And Shannon, stop encouraging your Moms Demand Action followers by re-tweeting their garbage. They’re deranged, as LEGALLY CARRIED GUNS IN CHURCH prevented a much worse outcome. After all, Shannon, you’re nothing other than a copy cat.

And then race baiters/agenda pushers like this (it was a white guy that attacked a church with mostly white parishioners).

Shannon just is doing what she’s supposed to do though: pushing Mike Bloomberg’s agenda.

If it’s not ok for people to protect themselves with firearms, perhaps Shannon can dump her armed security and be like the rest of us (responsible for our own safety). Up for the ”no armed personal bodyguards challenge“, Shannon? Or are you just that much more important than the rest of us peons? I think the real reason her and her goons are mad is because the hero is a Trump supporter. Can’t have her praise someone who supports her boss’s opposition for 2020 now, can we.....


Update 12/30:

Looks like Watts is getting slammed on other tweets she sent out about the Texas shooting as well

And thank you, NOQ Report, for featuring us in your publication regarding this.


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