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Watts responds to criticism of her response to the Texas church shooting hero/situation

After getting slammed on social media for not praising the heroic actions of Jack Wilson (the hero who ended a tragedy in seconds), Shannon Watts finally gave some sort of praise:

Notice how “highly trained former deputy sheriff“ is first on the list? well, a blast from the past.....

So Which is it, Shannon? Is it the fact he’s former LE (less than 30% hit rate on average)? Or the fact he trains with his weapons, teaches others to shoot, and also owns a shooting range (what you refer to as a “gun nut” or “gun extremist“) ? If it’s the other 3 besides being LE, all civilians are capable of doing that as well and don’t need a badge. How about you just admit you screwed up by trying to spin your rants and call it a day?

If Watts truly thinks that “highly trained” LEO’s are better than a trained citizen, show her this pic:

He didn’t act. 17 died. He was “highly trained“ LE.

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Jan 08, 2020

Shannon Watts (must be low wattage because she isn’t very bright) manages to screw up even the talking points. BTW, did anyone hear her boss (Bloomberg)? “I don’t think we want citizens taking the law into their own hands”...Really? A guy takes a shotgun to church, pulls it out and starts shooting, and Bloomberg is worried about the shooters civil rights...Next time we’ll read him his Miranda warning before we shoot back...duh...

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