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Watts responds to criticism of her response to the Texas church shooting hero/situation

After getting slammed on social media for not praising the heroic actions of Jack Wilson (the hero who ended a tragedy in seconds), Shannon Watts finally gave some sort of praise:

Notice how “highly trained former deputy sheriff“ is first on the list? well, a blast from the past.....

So Which is it, Shannon? Is it the fact he’s former LE (less than 30% hit rate on average)? Or the fact he trains with his weapons, teaches others to shoot, and also owns a shooting range (what you refer to as a “gun nut” or “gun extremist“) ? If it’s the other 3 besides being LE, all civilians are capable of doing that as well and don’t need a badge. How about you just admit you screwed up by trying to spin your rants and call it a day?

If Watts truly thinks that “highly trained” LEO’s are better than a trained citizen, show her this pic:

He didn’t act. 17 died. He was “highly trained“ LE.

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