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We don’t want to hear it, gun grabbing docs. The “science” says so

Came across this post by a Moms Demand Action member who’s also a pediatrician. Nothing like screening patients w/children to see if they’re gun owners.....:

First (as many know), BeSMART is Everytown‘s safe storage PSA. On the surface, it looks fine. However, go to donate and it shows you’re giving money directly to Everytown:

Maybe they could train their instructors a tad better, as what’s wrong with this picture?

Further, BeSMART isn’t just a “gun safety” program, their leaders work with members of congress to recruit school age children into becoming gun control activists. Gotta love how they say “within the bounds of the 2A lol”:

Last but not least, and this is directed directly at gun grabbing docs like Annie, a new study out states that patients DO NOT want their medical providers prying into their legal ownership of firearms.