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We tried telling you, “big guys” (gun grabbers utilizing federal/state grant money)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Two days ago, Moms Demand Action published this:

In Chicago, volunteers with Moms Demand Action are advocating alongside local partners for increased funding for community-based intervention programs, including:
Institute for Nonviolence Chicago, an organization seeking to interrupt cycles of violence and transform communities.   
IGrow Chicago, an Englewood organization working to heal individual and community trauma resulting from violence. 
Live Free Chicago, a faith-based organization working to transform Chicago communities from gun violence.
Strides For Peace, an organization that empowers, amplifies, and collaborates with community organizations working to end gun violence.
In addition to increasing dedicated state funding for gun violence prevention and services for survivors of gun violence, state agencies should utilize federal Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) victim assistance funding to support local organizations serving survivors of gun violence and their communities.

See that? They’re working on state & federal grants to fund their “violence prevention“ programs, which translates to not only “community engagement“, but gun control advocacy (and your tax dollars pay for it). Back in January, Mom-At-Arms contributors investigated and found that tax revenue from legal marijuana sales in Illinois was going to be used for R3 state grants (and gun control organizations were drooling to get their hands on that money). Many of the same groups (including MDA) are listed in the link.

How much money is going to be available via these grants which will go to fund gun control allies? To start:

The R3 Program drives 25% of cannabis tax revenue to fund strategies that focus on violence prevention, re-entry and health services to areas across the state that our objectively found to be acutely suffering from the horrors of violence, bolstered by concentrated disinvestment.

To put it in perspective:

While marijuana tax and sales tax figures for the second month of legalized sales in Illinois are still weeks away from being announced, the state is on pace to receive $6.5 million in marijuana taxes and another $2.8 million in sales taxes based on first-month tax rates applied to the $34.8 million in sales from February. That could mean almost $20 million in combined marijuana and sales taxes during the first two months of legalized sales.

$20 million times .25 is $5 million in just a two month period, which would be $60 million a year in grants to fund gun control groups and their partners per year. Now, that’s all older news, but Moms Demand Action is now openly encouraging it during the COVID-19 situation, which leads us to the federal grant mentioned in MDA’s press release from 3/24 regarding VOCA funds. Let’s talk Champaign, Illinois (you know, the city that made headlines for using this time to grant emergency powers to the mayor to ban the sale/transfer of guns and ammo if she sees fit). What was the mayor of Champaign sharing with her allies in Champaign 2 days before she was granted emergency powers? Mom-At-Arms had the scoop just days after the emergency was declared :

And there you have it. These organizations and their allies will be attempting to get state and federal funds (funded by the consumer who buys legal weed and taxpayer) in order to finance their agenda. We knew about it for awhile and tried to get the word out, but we’re brushed off for the most part. Question is, how do we counter it? Perhaps the larger organizations can think of something once their done dealing with all of the much needed recent lawsuits against elected officials using the current crisis to enact ”emergency” gun control.


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