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Wednesday Quickie

It's become apparent that The Democrats of this nation are trying their damnedest to re-write our American Constitution. The same document that was written out by our country's Founding Fathers, to save us from "Big Government," legislative overthrows... LIKE WHAT MODERN DAY DEMOCRATS ARE PUSHING ON US, NOW!

Just recently, House Democrats got ballsy and pushed a bill called "H.R. 2474" into the center ring to... wait for it...

Abolish Right-to-Work Laws!!!!!

To clarify, for those of you who do not know what Right-To-Work Laws are: In the U.S., state right-to-work laws pertain to labor unions and workers at a company. Specifically, the right-to-work means that employees are entitled to work in unionized workplaces without actually joining the union or paying regular union dues.

House Democrats want to abolish those aspects, meaning, they want labor unions to oversee it all!

They want to instill bigger government- like systems within your place of employment, to monitor you and decide within themselves your wages, based off of THEIR "vote" on your performance. So, if you forget to pay a Union Due or two, they can hold that against you. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Almost... totalitarian, huh?


Like pushing Red Flag Laws wasn't enough to rile you up. Now, The Left wants to override how you work, as well. "What's this got to do with guns?" you might be asking. Well... guess what else Democratic Pushed Labor Unions can do!?!

They can step in as tribute to when/ if you ever pose a problem at work... or at home!

Yep! They can act as Character Witnesses when/ if you have a Red Flag served to ya!

"Billy Bob and I have worked together for years. I've always been nice to him, even though I found him a little strange. Take my word for it, Mr. Law Officer. I'm part of the Union at XX-Co."

Hope y'all are nice to your co-workers. Whew!


While I've got y'all thinking about those goodies, throw in this one, too!!

Gun Control Lobbyists are working hard to keep tabs on ya, as Law Abiding Gun Owners.

"DUH, Jill!" you're probably saying out loud to yourself as you roll your eyes at me.

Recently, my newest writer/ exposer contributing to this site stumbled across an Illinois businessman who’s working with Democratic IL house representatives who's pushing Serial Coding of Your Ammo. (Read that article here)

Oh! And Guess What!?! As big of a doofus as this WANNABE legislator is (through my small interactions with him), his idea and Ammo Coding Company, HAVE BACKING SUPPORT! There's even a bill for it and everything. (Check out the bill here)

What does this all mean? Well, it means that there are Democrats out there that want to put a serial number on the casings of your ammo. So, every round would have a serial number that can be traced back to the manufacturing company it was made at. Some of you Fudds reading might say, "Big deal! Criminals can just scratch off the serial number on the casings."

Ok, you're right! BUT! Say you have a firearm stolen and it had a mag loaded with serial coded ammo. Thug who knows NOTHING about the coding system, stole the gun, scratches the serial number OFF THE GUN- making it a ghost gun- then uses the gun to commit a crime... like murder. The gun cannot be traced back to you because the serial number is gone.

Guess what can be, though!?!

YUP! The ammo can be traced back to you through receipts of purchase all because of serial coded bullet casings.

Guess what those casing serial numbers and receipt of purchase are!?!


A registry.

Big Democratic Socialist Brother is watching, y'all!


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