Wednesday Quickie

It's become apparent that The Democrats of this nation are trying their damnedest to re-write our American Constitution. The same document that was written out by our country's Founding Fathers, to save us from "Big Government," legislative overthrows... LIKE WHAT MODERN DAY DEMOCRATS ARE PUSHING ON US, NOW!

Just recently, House Democrats got ballsy and pushed a bill called "H.R. 2474" into the center ring to... wait for it...

Abolish Right-to-Work Laws!!!!!

(Click for TheEpochTimes article explaining further here)

To clarify, for those of you who do not know what Right-To-Work Laws are: In the U.S., state right-to-work laws pertain to labor unions and workers at a company. Specifically, the right-to-work means that employees are entitled to work in unionized workplaces without actually joining the union or paying regular union dues.

(learn more on Right To Work Laws here)</