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When your rep is owned by billionaire groups

Updated: May 4, 2023

Recently, a document request came in because of suspicious arguments done by Representative Liz Berry, along with Strom Peterson, and David Hackney in regard of their gun control legislation, which was signed into law. Suspicion arose when the arguments she was making didn't make logical sense.

Law enforcement in Washington state release violent crime stats, and they showed that violent crime had risen significantly in 2021, and has steadily risen across the board, including murders, and a 12+% increase in violent crime

Washington Gun Law's William Kirk had also taken notice and put up this excellent breakdown of the nonsensical arguments put out like these laws were "saving lives" and "reducing gun violence".

This goes beyond just the laws passed in the latest state legislative session. In total, Democrats in Washington state have passed 29 gun control laws over the past 10 years. See the attached file below:

Issue Alert--Firearms Legislation - Copy
Download DOCX • 133KB

So, for 29 gun control laws, over 10 years, we should see a dramatic lowering of gun violence in our state right?

Yet, according to @WaStateHomicide on Twitter, we broke records for homicides last year and are on track to break that record this year:

So, what gives? Well, my group asked the same question, and we got our answer. Liz Berry, and Democrats in the Washington state legislature, are not only wholly owned by billionaire funded gun control groups Everytown and the Alliance For Gun Responsibility, those same groups are actively writing state gun control laws and have a major say in how they are crafted.

Even their own internal attorney's had concerns about the proposals. Also notice, that there's "national stakeholders". Digging deeper, we find it's Everytown and Alliance for Gun Responsibility. Both funded by billionaires Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg News and former NY Mayor fame as well as Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer all of Microsoft fame.

These are the same group of people who want to "get money out of politics", and want to "get rid of special interest groups".

The ethics of this is beyond defending. This borders on treason.


Because of the OVERWHELMING opposition to all of their gun control legislation. Our group got it's first batch of emails back, and there were hundreds of them, and they were UNIVERSALLY against these laws. So to not only do the opposite of what your constituents want, but to also sell their rights on behalf of a gun control group is reprehensible.

Oh, and a little side note, Michael Bloomberg's bodyguards have the same weapons they want to ban you from owning. Watch him ramble through his pathetic attempt to answer that question, simply saying he gets "real threats", but your lives apparently aren't worth defending, but his is.


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