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Whistleblowers, research and outrage (how to push back against vaccine mandates and get results)

We’ll keep this short. instated a harsh Covid vaccine mandate requirement for their employees, which it appears they have less than 100 (would be exempt from a federal mandate). A whistle blower leaked it. After that, we found that the founder (Who is still attached to the company, at least on paper according to sources) was a Joe Biden donor in 2020 (our thread that broke the news here). That ticked people off too (Joe is a gun grabber and a threat to the 2A) and just added on to the anger people had over them issuing a mandate. Word spread on online forums (there’s others) and I guess they started getting spammed with pissed off people. Well, we’re happy to report that has tossed their Covid vaccine mandate for their employees. Make a fuss about this kind of crap, people. It works.


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