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Your voice matters!

Don’t ever think your voice, your story doesn’t matter! It does.

I’m fighting against Moms Demand Action policies being brought to my area. Their Bloomberg funded views are fully not supported by the constituents of Holly Springs, yet the town council has been pushed to vote on gun laws that don’t support the science. Here’s more proof about Moms Demand Action being involved:

In fighting this, I created a petition. I then emailed the Mayor of Holly Springs and the Town Council. This was my reply back from Mayor Pro Tempore Dan Berry.

While Mr. Berry feels this will still go through despite community push back, it is something I’m still fighting for - our 2nd amendment rights to not be infringed.

I’m sending an FOIA for the correspondence regarding this “Deadly Weapons” ordinance.

We are not sitting down and taking this anymore! Get up, and stand up for your rights!

If you haven’t heard my story yet, check it out!


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