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A “the resistance” democrat tries to get feds to go after a legally armed black man

Wow. First, he’s awesome and is one of our followers. This is his quick background:

The other day, he posted this:

Of course, in true neoliberal “resistance“ fashion, one Democrat woman (and others) wants the feds to go and pay him a visit simply for being a black man with guns that he legally owns.

He doesn’t give a f*ck though, as regardless of this idiot “resistor’s” feelings, he is proud of his collection and isn’t doing anything wrong.

Folks, neoliberal (statists that think they’re freedom fighters) Democrats are the scum of the earth. They are ghouls who want to rule your life and think the world will be a utopia if they get their way. Their ideas and goals are dangerous and should be laughed at and discarded at all costs. This example is proof that they are faux social justice warriors and don’t give a shit about the rights of minorities (or anyone for that matter). They are completely unaware of their own irony.

Here’s some quote tweets to close this article out lol.


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