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Accidental discharge by NFAC at Louisville protest today

The NFAC was in Louisville today to protest Breonna Taylor’s death (we are with them 100% there in that aspect). When the NFAC was staging, one of their member’s had a negligent discharge as seen in the video below at about the 13:36 mark:

The result was a few NFAC members were taken to the hospital. Of course, in true Shannon Watts fashion, she leaves out the important details and tried to make it seem as if it was the other group’s fault for the shooting that was there (the 3%ers):

Well, there you have it. Watts trying to fume racial tensions over an accident that occurred with the NFAC and implied it was the 3%ers fault. Surely that wouldn‘t lead to more hatred and violence in an already divided situation, right Shannon? Tell the damn truth for once.


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