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Adidas sued Everytown for trademark infringement (just as Everytown was attacking us)

Ok, so a little story before we get to that. Back in August of 2019, Mom-at-Arms created a t-shirt design through a 3rd party vendor:

A few people bought the shirt and it was used to troll Shannon Watts and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. They took the bait:

Soon after in December of 2019, Everytown sent the t-shirt vendor a cease & desist to stop selling/printing the shirt

Fast forward to the 2020 elections, Shannon Watts defamed Republican congressional candidate, Nick Freitas, by using the design in an obvious fake tweet (even made more obvious because the shirt wasn’t around in 2016) to smear him:

Articles were written about that whole blunder by Watts and are linked here (we should thank her for the publicity it caused us):

So now let’s get to the article subject. It turns out, at the same time Everytown sent our t-shirt vendor a cease & desist for copyright/trademark infringement in December of 2019 that they were having a little probably with trademark issues of their own: they were sued by Adidas in November of 2019:

They were sued because Adidas claimed their were using part of their logo:

Through months of negotiations, Adidas and Everytown eventually figured it out and the lawsuit was dropped:

So funny how Everytown went after us for a damn parody shirt while they were currently in court against Adidas LOFL! In honor of this, grab your Adidas track suit, grab your AK, and be the Eastern European you know you always have been (except the meme, not our pics btw lol):

Adidas AK mags! Paint the ribs on them white:

Oh, and we came across this because of the law firm representing Everytown (and still does apparently):

Their former big wig just got a cushy job in Baltimore:

This is just as this is happening:

More on that and some possible money issues regarding it all here:

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