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Attn: Gun Rights Activists: STOP Hand feeding Gun Control!

Booger Hooks, Bang Switches, Muzzle Direction...

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were shown no mercy when they defended their St. Louis, Missouri home, back in June of 2020, as Gun Control organizations and activists jumped on the opportunity to ridicule them as they exercised their 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, in their own front lawn. It comes as no surprise that gun control "whose who's," like Shannon Watts (founder of Moms Demand Action), would immediately started painting the McCloskey's as villains, which would further talks on Gun Control. What IS surprising is that the talking points that Gun Control pushers, like Shannon Watts, used CAME FROM THE GUN RIGHTS COMMUNITY.

There, the McCloskey's stood their ground in front of their home, ready to defend themselves from the rage mob that broke through the iron gate protecting their GATED Community. Scared, but unwavering, Mark and Patricia made their case as they told the rioters they were not going down without a fight.

Instead of supporting and praising them, the 2A Community ripped into every little detail about them. From the way they dressed, their firearms training, down to the mustard stain on Mrs. McCloskey's shirt... the 2A Community tore this couple apart in social media posts from all over the country. And the entire time, Gun Control peddlers, like Shannon Watts (a PR CHAMP) took notes in order to use the 2A Community's OWN WORDS against us... further advancing GUN CONTROL. Take Watts' "Police Violence Is Gun Violence" interview with Fortune for example. She mocked the entire Gun Rights Community and threw every bit of everything you all said about the situation RIGHT BACK IN YOUR FACES!

Even the McCloskey's, while showing support for President Donald Trump's 2nd Term, threw shade y'alls way for it, too.

Is Gun Safety a necessity in our realm? ABSOLUTELY! But... so is strategy to preserve our rights, and The Gun Rights World SUCKS At Strategizing!


Now, here we are, in the midst of an new election season, a new year, and new legislators taking their places to lead our country. A lot of patriotism, "Pomp and Circumstance," and excitement as Left & Right wingers stand toe to toe while waiting for certification of votes to happen for one of the most influential elections in the history of America.

Its only natural for newbie politicians to come out the gate running once they get the go- ahead and those verification marks on their social media platforms. Who's gonna be the NEXT TOP POLITICIAN to storm the headlines with their hip "New Campaign, Who Dis" slogans?

Its no lie that The Left owns most of today's media outlets, so the youthful politicians like AOC, Ilhan Omar, Beto, Eric Swalwell and other new faces get most of the limelight, while the old cronies, like Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, etc... get to hide their scandals. So, when a Right Winger comes into play, they need to stir up the controversy to a whole new level, in order to maintain the media spotlight. Pro Tip: While stirring the masses, you shouldn't hurt your own cause at the same time.

Enter Colorado, Gun Slinging Sweetheart, Lauren Boebert... *face palm*

She's also a new member of Congress (CO-03) that made a sassy video (above), vowing to defend the 2nd Amendment by storming Capitol Hill (D.C.) with her Glock on her hip. Just days before, she boasted about getting 82 of her fellow 2A supporting congress pals to sign a PERMISSION SLIP for her to carry- stating that because SHE is a woman/ mom, 5ft' yea MEMBER of CONGRESS, now... and SHE should have the ability to carry for protection. So, rather than just referring back to THE CONSTITUTION (which is already that permission slip), Boebert & Buds enacted some old law, allowing MEMBERS OF GOVERNMENT to exercise their Constitutional Right to Self Defense BEFORE WE THE PEOPLE.

It didn't take long for many in the 2A Community to jump on the Boebert Bandwagon, calling it a "2A Win!" Reality Check... it IS NOT A 2A WIN.

Not in the slightest. It was nothing more than a flop of an attempt at political posturing, WAAAAY before its prime.

Boebert strutting her stuff down what seems to be Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C. while strapped with her Glock (of all things) may have rallied the troops... but it wasn't 2A ones. Instead, GUN CONTROL ORGS FACT CHECKED HER and made her look like an absolute fool, as the D.C. "Capitol" Police curb- stomped her "vow" to the 2nd Amendment... and what does she do? She let them.

Even worse, she, like most of the 2A community, hand fed the Gun Control world more wealth to their own cause... and Ol' Shan Shan is eating it up!


What's sad is that only a select few Gun Rights activists called her out on it. We knew it was a farce. We tried to warn y'all of the farce, only to be berated over it. Mom-At-Arms was one of the first to tell y'all, "This isn't going to go over well for us." just to have many within the 2A Community make Lauren out to be some "Wonder Woman" for gun rights, yet... she missed the mark, completely.

Where so many in the Gun Rights community rush to beat out other Gun Rights Activists with some new idea or trend, what's forgotten is that THE WORLD IS WATCHING... and Gun Control Organizations are part of this world. They study us, watching how we react to our own habits... which seem to be boisterous and unchanging (hence the nickname "Gun Extremists"). And every little bit of insider info that we gather, we give Gun Grabbers tastes of, until we become overzealous with egos and just feed them the whole meal at once.

Lauren Boebert did that. She fed them too much at one time, and its going to bite the 2A World in the ass.

Stop jumping on political bandwagons set up in "support" for the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution was NEVER meant to be politicized... so STOP HELPING POLITICIZE IT.

START calling out legislators who claim to be all about it. Either they stand with WE THE PEOPLE or they cower to their legislative seats.

If RIGHT WINGERS can come together and berate Gun Grabbing Socialist, AOC on her expensive sleek suits and "Green New Deal Sex Appeal," for her hypocrisy... well then, Lauren Boebert's little publicity stunt is NO DIFFERENT. It actually hurts Gun Rights MORE than an AOC suit choice.

Be proud of your freedoms and express them, but slow down on the "gun extremism," by taking a step back and thinking, "What Would Watts Do if I said this out loud?"

And our message to Lauren: Fire your PR team. Then give us here at Mom-At-Arms a holler. There's NO OTHER GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS GROUP ahead of Gun Control orgs and their influencers, than us.

We plant the seeds and THEY water them.

#ShallNotBeInfringed means EXACTLY THAT.


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