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Biden stiffs African American groups when he met with Everytown, Giffords Courage and others at WH

Funny, as we just did an article on how there are racial discrimination problems within Everytown. I guess that possibly goes for the Biden administration as well.

In a week when Congress debated the second impeachment of a former president, and the current president remained laser-focused on a pandemic and the ongoing recession, President Biden’s top domestic policy adviser turned her attention to gun violence. On Wednesday, Susan Rice and White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond met virtually with leaders of some of the nation’s largest gun violence prevention groups, including Giffords, Brady, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action. On Thursday, Rice held a listening session with the families of the victims of the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which marks its third anniversary this Saturday.
These early meetings were a welcome sign of progress for gun control advocates, who had begun to fret that COVID-19 had pushed their issue far down the administration’s to-do list. But to some, the meetings seemed tone-deaf. None of the White House’s early invites were extended to the leaders of Black-led gun violence prevention groups who focus on addressing everyday gun violence—even as an alarming spike in shooting deaths has devastated communities of color during the pandemic. “The hegemony of white-led gun [control] groups in this movement is racist,” says Mike McBride, a Black pastor who helps direct the organizing network Faith in Action and is a national leader in the movement to address urban violence with public health approaches. “The reality that the Biden administration would convene a meeting on gun violence without any of us there, knowing the unfortunate rise of gun-related shootings and deaths in Black communities in the age of COVID, is troubling.” (The White House did not return multiple requests for comment.)

I mean, add that in to the Everytown article linked in the first sentence and what do you have?

Great work there, Biden Administration! Certainly not practicing what you preach.....

For a quick reminder of what’s in the works, this video touches briefly on it. In short, bringing back the 1994 crime bill (AWB) in which Joe Biden spearheaded. It lead to mass incarceration of blacks.


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