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Bloomberg wants to kill (drone) his critics!

Just when you thought nuking a population (Eric Swalwell) was the dumbest thing an anti-gun politician could say, then comes along the gun control mafia boss, Mike Bloomberg. From Zerohedge (audio included in link):

Bloomberg suggested that one of the benefits of being president is that as commander-in-chief can do away with inconvenient critics by taking them out with killer drones.
“It would have been a great job. No, I mean, you think about it, you have Predators, and the Predators have missiles, and I have a list of everybody that’s annoyed me or screwed me for the last 74 years, and bang-bang-bang-bang.” -Michael Bloomberg

So, all of us that know that Bloomberg is a tyrant will be targeted with Predator Missiles cuz we don’t want Mike or his gun control organization, Everytown For Gun Safety, to disarm us via unconstitutional legislation and laws. We “annoy” them with our advocacy and constant defense of our rights. Screw it! Bomb them all! Damn NRA and other gun owners get droned! If you can’t legislate/lobby your opponents away, just kill them (right Mike?). Only Santa Claus should have a list, not someone wishing to kill others.

Don‘t think for a second this wacko wouldn‘t use force to get what he wants (our legally owned firearms). You don’t joke around about killing people if you had the power to do so even in a hypothetical situation.

Guns bad, bombs & missiles good. I get it now.


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