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But... But... WHY?

I never thought I’d see the day where I would have to fight to preserve my right to self protection. It never occurred to me, even with my upbringing, until over the last few years or so, how important this right is for ALL.
I wasn’t some History lover. I slept during that class. What little bit I retained, I relied on my grandparents and older family members and friends to educate me. I found it boring and difficult to rationalize. Makes me yawn, even now, just thinking about dates and timelines of events. I was more of a Science Nerd than I was a History Buff. I liked being part of the experiment, rather than just reading about it. Funny, too, because my family has a lot of roots in the local history and politics of my hometown. (I'm such a Rebel!)
Fast forward to about 3 years ago, I think it was when I was about 6 months pregnant with my son, when all of the gumption and moxy to fight back against these corrupt politicians and their minions finally hit me. I've always been outspoken about my political and religious beliefs... which comes from my upbringing and grounded morals. Being a Conservative, of course I picked my battles wisely and have, tastefully, pissed off a few Progressive types, here and there, throughout my life. *Blushing*
I can remember sitting down, though- swollen feet propped up, pigging out on a bag of Doritos with a container of sour cream, watching a Donald Trump ad on TV.

The ad had been around for a while, but in that moment... call it pregnancy hormones or the goodness of the Doritos... I got riled up! I remember telling my husband that if Trump didn't win the election, we were doomed. (See Hillary, some of us ladies can make up our own minds without our husbands telling us otherwise.) As time went on, I became more and more engulfed in politics. I grew up in this world, but I mostly rebelled... cause that’s just how I roll... so it wasn‘t new to me as to how these politicians worked behind the scenes. Seeing all of the corruption start coming into light the closer it got to Trump's inauguration, I knew I had to protect “my bubble" more actively than I ever had before.
I kept watching the news, reading posts online, listening in on political convos out in public... I was absorbing it all. I’d get online and express myself- waiting for a “Like” or a counter argument. I showed no mercy in my rebuttals, and made many new "pals" along the way. The main objective: I was going to Make America Great Again. LOL!
Ambitious, huh?
My mission was... IS... to lead by example. To educate. I started researching, teaming up with folks like me, looking for the root cause(s) of the issues we have in this country. The more I researched big millionaire types and large corporations that funnel money into politics, the more I became aware... "Money is literally the root of all evil." Then I would watch these Big Progressive Funders and what their political stances were in; Gun Control, Abortion, Environmental Issues, Indoctrination of Schools, (Illegal) Immigration... aka... DREAMERS... all leading up to SOCIALISM. Everything that is considered completely UN-AMERICAN by definition. What worried me the most, is there are actually people out there that vote for these crooks blindly! (COW FARTS, PEOPLE!!! COW FARTS!!!!!!)
My bubble was... IS... being threatened.
My favorite question in the whole wide world is, "WHY?" I was taught a long time ago, by my father, to not put all of my eggs in one basket when it comes down to finding the truth. I've researched. I've asked questions. I've sat down and compared notes with my "researcher/ exposer family" on the same mission as me. Trust me... half, if not most, of the things I write about aren't done so based on my opinion(s) alone. They don't all come from mainstream media sources. WE use the MSM as a guide, calling it all a myth until we can prove it otherwise. Putting it all together and exposing where we can.
The problem? Getting folks on both sides of the political aisle to listen. Is what it is, though.
With our culture so wrapped into the conspiracy tactics of both sides of Big Gov, our minds have become so warped into believing some "Big Plan." We are literally forgetting to research and find the truth for ourselves and WE lose focus on the bigger picture.
As we get further into 2019, more and more Progressive/ Democrat/ Socialist/ Liberal (whatever you name them- I plainly call them Leftists) politicians will be pushing harder against the foundation to which this country was established: They want control of OUR Constitutional Rights.
They're not going to stop anytime soon, either.
My Rights... YOUR RIGHTS... are now a pawn for the Leftist Government. The vulnerabilities to which you personally have, and share with others, are now a game piece to overthrow the Trump admin. YOU ARE NOTHING TO THEIR AGENDA! You are a toy that they are profiting from.
It's time to get involved, folks. Start standing up. The moment they came out with talks on taking away our BASIC RIGHTS of survival... putting limits on firearms and self defensive measures, was the moment that should've WOKE AMERICANS up even more. They want us weak. They want us broke. They want to limit our liberties in order to make us THINK they've countered a problem within our society.
When a person comes down with a cold/ virus, disease, the germ that infects their body, looks for the weakest cell to grab onto, in order to spread and take over. Sounds familiar when we see things in the media like petty tensions within our society, doesn't it? What are we being led to believe and what are we being swayed to avoid, altogether?
Ask questions... ASK WHY! Don't let the germs overtake and burst your bubble.


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