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Calculate what you’ll need to pay to legally keep your semi-auto rifles/mags under Biden’s gun plan

It’s no secret that Joe and Kamala’s ticket for President and VP is the worst in history when it comes to gun control. They say “you can keep your evil assault weapons, but you need to register them under the NFA, along with any magazines over 10 rounds.” Not kidding. It’s right here on their campaign site:

Now how much will it cost to register each weapon and each magazine? $200.

So, let’s say Biden/Harris win and the Dems keep the house and flip the Senate. They could enact legislation that would require current owners to do exactly what is laid out on their campaign page:

So what does this mean? Well, there’s a tool you can use to calculate how much you’ll need to pay just to keep your guns and magazines and NOT become a felon under federal law. For example, are you a new gun owner that purchased an AR-15 during the pandemic/riot rush and picked up a few extra standard 30 round mags for it as well? Here’s your cost:

Let’s say you also picked up a new Glock 19 package as well in addition to your rifle (comes with 3 15 round mags). Those 15 round mags jump the cost to remain a non-felon (I’m even leaving out the fact that they want semi-auto pistols banned/registered, just leaving the rifle in as the firearm):