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Can I Get A Bump?

Lots of gun news going around here lately, huh? (Sarcasm) LOL!

Let me first state this...

I am a YUGE Trump fan. Doesn't mean I have to agree with ALL of his policies. Building "THE WALL" is BIGLY in my book, but there are some things where I'm like, "Dude! Seriously?"

With all of the Gun Grabbing attempts going on right now, it's like Trump just recently fell off his rocker and said, "Hold my Big Mac! Stirring things up a bit. Gonna add some insult to injury, here," as he pushed forth the Ban on Bump Stocks. (Shaking my damn head)

For those of you who need a little gun build education, let's do this first:

The stock of a gun is what I call the "BUTT" or Buttstock/ Trunk (portrayed mostly with long guns like rifles) that the barrel and other “shooting” components attach to. See the pic?

Parts Diagram of a Semi Automatic Rifle

What is a FULLY- automatic weapon?

A fully automatic weapon is one that when the shooter, pulls the trigger, it shoots many rounds at one time. 1 Trigger pull... LOTS OF BULLETS COME OUT!

What is a SEMI- automatic weapon (like an AR-15)? 1 trigger pull. 1 bullet comes out of the barrel.

What is a Bump Stock?

A bump stock is a stock (or buttstock/ butt) device attachment for a gun, that can make a standard, regular, simple semi-automatic firearm act, kinda sorta, like an automatic one.

Bump Stock mechanism

What do I mean by "Kinda Sorta?"

Well, a bump stock, though it SEEMS to up the rounds per trigger pull of a SEMI- automatic, doesn't necessarily make it a fully automatic weapon. The device helps create a rhythm that slides, or bumps in repetition, the stock and trigger, back and forth, against the shooter's finger after the first trigger pull. It's still 1 trigger pull, 1 bullet (or round) that leaves the barrel. The standard timing between the trigger pulls is just shortened.

Why am I bringing all of this up?

For one, I don't see what all the hype is about in owning one. (Just me, though.) That may sound a little off the cuff, considering I think that banning them is a horrible idea. Personally, I have no need for the device itself at this time, but Trump agreeing to ban them is pushing the envelope when it comes to the agenda of Gun Grabbers. Lord Help Me, I've had this argument with so many people, but I do not think that a device (which can be easily removed) that ups performance of a certain object, changes the originality of the object itself. Meaning, you stick a bump stock on an AR-15, its still an AR-15. There is no permanency of the device... like... the gun wasn't "born" with it. You put lipstick on a pig... is it not still a pig?

I had a '93 Ford Mustang, 4 cylinder, in high school. Put a Cobra emblem on it and had turbo boosters installed. For a limited time only, I was able to drive that sucker, making it look like I was part of a late 90s Tokyo Drift gang, but in all actuality, it was just a 4cyl hatchback. It was still up to me to be responsible for how I drove that car and how I maintained it, though, right?

Moving on, banning the bump stock is what I call a "Gateway Ban." Like marijuana being considered the "Gateway Drug" for many, the bump stock ban is just another little victory for the Gun Grabbers of this nation, to slowly, but surely, continue to chip away at our right to self defense. Today, it's the bump stock ban and limited magazines. Tomorrow, laser sights and bra holsters. See where I'm going with this?

Let me tell ya... these Gun Sense/ Gun Grabbers will literally take any small victory they can in limiting our abilities of gun ownership, and will find any little loophole to get around our Constitutional Rights. THEY LIVE FOR THIS STUFF!!!! (Cause it makes them rich!)

So... President Trump... You are WRONG for initiating the ban on bump stocks. You have given the Gun Control pushers an even bigger sense of entitlement that's going to tear away at the 2nd Amendment. Law abiding gun owners sit idly by, waiting for you to stand up against the agenda that wants to make GOOD Americans weak to potential threats. The need may not be present now, but looking at the overall picture, a bump stock might be crucial to America's survival.

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I totally agree with you. I don’t see the need for this particular mod, but I don’t see the banning of this either. The bump stock in reality is a non-issue, so why ban? The MSM get’s fixated on something, and more times than not regarding guns and gun owners, they are totally misinformed.

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