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Can I Get A Bump?

Lots of gun news going around here lately, huh? (Sarcasm) LOL!

Let me first state this...

I am a YUGE Trump fan. Doesn't mean I have to agree with ALL of his policies. Building "THE WALL" is BIGLY in my book, but there are some things where I'm like, "Dude! Seriously?"

With all of the Gun Grabbing attempts going on right now, it's like Trump just recently fell off his rocker and said, "Hold my Big Mac! Stirring things up a bit. Gonna add some insult to injury, here," as he pushed forth the Ban on Bump Stocks. (Shaking my damn head)

For those of you who need a little gun build education, let's do this first:

The stock of a gun is what I call the "BUTT" or Buttstock/ Trunk (portrayed mostly with long guns like rifles) that the barrel and other “shooting” components attach to. See the pic?

Parts Diagram of a Semi Automatic Rifle

What is a FULLY- automatic weapon?

A fully automatic weapon is one that when the shooter, pulls the trigger, it shoots many rounds at one time. 1 Trigger pull... LOTS OF BULLETS COME OUT!

What is a SEMI- automatic weapon (like an AR-15)? 1 trigger pull. 1 bullet comes out of the barrel.

What is a Bump Stock?

A bump stock is a stock (or buttstock/ butt) device attachment for a gun, that can make a standard, regular, simple semi-automatic firearm act, kinda sorta, like an automatic one.