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Candidate for IL House Speaker and his record on the 2A (and beating women/sexual harassment)

Illinois citizens rejoiced when it became clear that long serving IL House Speaker Michael Madigan (one corrupt individual) would not have the votes to retain his power. A new front runner, though, is not any better (and perhaps worse):

Two years ago, Democratic Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan was rocked by a #MeToo scandal that caused him to cut loose several trusted political operatives, including his chief of staff.
Now one of the leading candidates to replace the embattled Madigan as speaker, Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, is facing questions about his treatment of women.
A 2002 police report indicates that officers in west suburban Hillside were called to Welch’s home, where an ex-girlfriend told them that Welch slammed her head into a kitchen countertop numerous times after she called him “a loser.” The woman did not press charges after talking it over with a relative of Welch’s, the report states.
Welch also faced a 2010 federal lawsuit for sexual harassment and retaliation in which a different woman alleged she lost her job at Proviso Township High School District because she broke up with him while he was president of the school board. Records show settlement talks had started in the wrongful termination case when a motion was filed to dismiss the matter.

What a guy, am I right? Funny how we was the one who led the committe on investigating Madigan and his corruption and also terminating the entire probe into that whole mess:

Welch led the special House committee investigating Madigan’s role in the ComEd scandal, so when asked about his candidacy, House GOP leader Jim Durkin unloaded on him for ending the inquiry.
“Mr. Welch had a lobbyist reach out to me, two lobbyist reach out to me in the last 24 hours about his ascension in the House of Representatives,” Durkin said. “It’s very sad that Chris Welch went out of his way to keep that hearing from being what we had hoped for – open, transparent.”

Don’t worry, though. He’s a big fan of the moms in red (guess #BelieveAllWomen and corruption only matters if you’re NOT a Democrat to them):

And his stance on the 2nd Amendment couldn’t be more clear. This bill he introduced says it all:


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