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Chicago Moms Demand Action chapter lead inserts foot in her mouth (Adam Toledo related)

I just love how these people think (spoiler: they don’t):

You see, with “cashless bail”, it basically means that if you could bond out (judge didn’t order no bond), that you could get out of jail without paying anything, cuz paying to secure your return to court is “racist and sexist”. So, she by default supports the free release (he shouldn‘t have had to post bail because it’s ”racist”, but a left wing org bailed him out anyways) of the man involved in the high profile police shooting of Adam Toledo, who by the way was a felon with a gun:

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ruben Roman, the man who was with 13-year-old Adam Toledo the night the boy was shot and killed by police, and is accused of firing the shots that brought police to the scene in the first place, has posted bond and has been released from custody.
During a hearing in his case on gun charges on Monday, a Cook County judge said Roman posted his $15,000 bail with the help of the nonprofit Chicago Community Bond Fund. Roman also posted $25,000 bail in an earlier but separate gun case.
The Cook County Sheriff’s office said Roman posted bond on Saturday, and was released from custody on Sunday or Monday, but is now on electronic monitoring.
Roman, 21, was arrested earlier this month in Maywood, in relation to a probation violation warrant. He is charged with felony reckless discharge of a firearm, felony unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and felony endangerment of a child. Prosecutors have said Roman and Adam Toledo were walking together on Sawyer Avenue toward 24th Street in Little Village at 2:36 a.m. on March 29, while a vehicle was seen heading down the street away from where they were. Surveillance video appears to show Ruben walk up to the corner and take a shooting stance, while Adam first starts to move back in the direction from which they came and then moves back toward Roman as Roman fires shots, prosecutors said.

So interesting that she’s against people like Roman having to post bail, especially after she protested over the child’s death (which he is responsible for in-part):

So in short, she is advocating for the guy that’s responsible for causing the death of Adam Toledo (his actions brought police to the scene) to not have to post bail for his actions (he gets out for free), yet was out protesting against the police for responding and acting (that’s a whole other story). Makes sense, right? And further, it’s their own people in charge there! If they’re protesting for “accountability“, start with the mayor!


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