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Chicago Police no longer responding to active shootings?

You be the judge. Radio traffic of shootout underway and the CPD says “let them do it”:

This comes after Mayor Lightfoot ignored pleas for help from an Alderman and also told citizens to “not take matters into their own hands. Call the police” in regards to rioting and looting/defending property:

So, citizens of Chicago, you really are on your own. I don’t even blame the CPD. I blame the city’s inept leadership. Does it surprise you that Lightfoot is backed by Moms Demand Action/Everytown (which is rather odd if you see their history on discrimination)?

Apparently Trace Media (Everytown’s media arm) thought Lightfoot would be different than what she is. Epic fail:

How‘s your “progressive vision” working out, Mayor? The criminals and trouble makers rule the streets, while LE’s hands are tied (why would they get involved and stop gang shootings? If the perp is African American it’ll be made a race issue and cause more problems) and you tell the good people to just sit their and take it. Progress.......

You get what you vote for. Remember that next time, Chicago. In the meantime, get legally armed if you aren’t already. No FOID card? Enjoy waiting months to get one (thank the politicians for that mess). Further proof the FOID system is BS and in times of need (like right now), put the inner city community at a disadvantage when they need the means to protect themselves the most. #GunControlSucks


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