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China lectures us on the right to bear arms/says we need to adopt their gun policies

This is a joke, right? China caring about human rights? Yeah, it is a joke, but it’s real. China and the UN say civilian disarmament needs to happen world wide, specifically in the US, so that we can all live in a peaceful utopia and so the world governments can rule with an iron fis.....I mean respond to emergencies better:

The only thing China’s gun policy does is create a nation of people at the mercy of the CCP. Remember the Hong Kong uprising and the result? Remember what happened to Chinese nationals that were leaking info about COVID? Remember what the CCP does to internal resistance to the ruling government? Yeah, we’ll keep our guns, China. You and your gun control group allies and their politicians can screw right off.

People need to take this kind of seriously though. The current admin (Biden) might very well be open to some of this, especially considering the position China has in the UN right now:


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