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Chinese state media wastes no time in highlighting US “gun violence”

Well, like it or not, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are President and Vice President. We know that Joe‘s immediate family is friendly to Chinese interests and China wasted no time to sanction former Trump officials and allies, and they also wasted no time to highlight “gun violence“ and how it affects the Chinese in the US. From Chinese State run CGTN TV, one Beijing’s main CCP propaganda outlets. The embedded video goes into more detail:

30-year-old doctoral Chinese student Fan Yiran was one of the three victims killed in a random shooting spree last Saturday near Chicago. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was once again impeached, only weeks before his departure from the White House. Fearing the president might use his social media presence to create further disruption, his accounts were blocked on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
How should Chinese students deal with the prevalence of gun in a time of pandemic crisis? Why did the House make the decision to impeach Trump at such a late stage? And how to define "freedom of speech" while looking at the moves taken by those tech giants?
Guests in this edition are Professor John Gong from the University of International Business and Economics, Josef Gregory Mahoney, Professor of Politics at East China Normal University, and Harvey Dzodin, Senior Fellow at Center for China and Globalization.

China has often pushed for gun control in the US, and with a “gun sense” administration, they might get what they payed....I mean advocate for.


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