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City of Virginia Beach votes to become 2A Sanctuary

This is a big deal.

Why is it a big deal? The shooting that took place there on 5/31/19 is what prompted Governor Ralph Northam and other Virginia Democrats to go on a warpath against gun rights. Moms Demand Action also had heavy communications within the city government prior to and right after the shooting as these FOIA’s show (in order by earliest/latest date):

This is a city that had a day devoted to one of Moms Demand Action’s proclamations and they just now became a 2A sanctuary. Think about that. It shows that maybe, just maybe, that the elected officials are listening to the people, not Bloomberg’s ground troops. Needless to say, Bloomberg’s “gun sense“ folks aren’t happy

Special props to the Mayor, Bobby Dyer, for voting for what the residents of Virginia Beach wanted. It does seem that after the elections, perhaps he saw what these people (MDA) are all about (and it has nothing to do with safety). Thank you, Mayor Dyer. The residents that showed up in support of the resolution tonight have your back.


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