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Commie Mommy Shannon Watts is PISSED (meme warfare is working)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

(update 11/17/20: ohhhhh boy are they in damage control mode.

Adam Farina, a spokesman for Moms Demand Action, told Reuters via email, “This image is fake, racist, and has nothing to do with our organization.” 

Be it known that Jill and Mom-at-Arms helped debunk this. We operate on facts

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(end of update)

She’s not happy that a fake meme is making its way around social media.

This is the meme:

I do find it ironic that Watts is so “outraged“ though, I mean, she knowingly used an image WE CREATED to falsely smear VA Congressional candidate Nick Freitas and raise federal campaign funds for Rep. Spanberger. Further, even though the meme is false, it’s not too far fetched to believe, especially how Everytown treats the minorities within their ranks.....

Even the Firearms Policy Coalition, who’s suing everyone right now, got a kick out of that (and basically did a video of the articles and used our screenshots in the articles lol):


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