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CONFIRMED: Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t shoot first. First shooter took Joe Biden’s self-defense advice

From the NY Post:

A man has admitted being first to open fire at the Kenosha protests in the moments before accused teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot and killed two people and seriously injured another, according to court documents.
Joshua Ziminski, 35, and his wife “both admitted” to detectives that he “fired off a ‘warning shot’ into the air” during the Aug. 25 protests in Wisconsin, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Post.
Attorneys for Rittenhouse have called the gunshot a “pivotal moment” that left the 17-year-old alleged militia member fearing he had “no way out” as he was chased by protesters with “no way to know who fired that shot.”

Josh took Joe Biden’s self defense advice to heart (fire into the air as a warning):

With this new evidence in regards to the Rittenhouse case, it proves he didn’t fire first, so he was not the aggressor. Hope his legal team and him sue the press into oblivion for defamation.


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