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Delegate Levine and the protected class: Virginia Democratic politicians

This guy and those like him are something else. First, he uses his platform and his position in the legislature to target political opponents. He also spews hate by saying the GOP (along with their WW2 Nazi AR-15’s LOL) are complicit in mass murder. Now, he wants to protect legislators and prosecute opponents who dare take advocacy to their doorsteps.

Levine’s draconian bill (HB961) was postponed until 2021. Leading up to the postponement, lots of Virginians were riled up (rightfully so). One person was so riled up that he protested in front of Levine’s home (hey, at least he didn’t kick the door down like Levine and his allies want to do to us if we have a 30 round mag).

Levine obviously was scared. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s special and deserves to live in a utopia full of rainbows and lollipops. He’s a god, after all. He‘s a Virginia Delegate and we know how they’re immune from the laws that the common man must abide by. Well, fear not. Levine is (planning on) doing what politicians do best: make themselves above the rest of us.

According to an Alexandria Police Department spokesperson, the incident is under investigation. However, the spokesperson added that he was of the understanding that Howard was within his rights to carry in a public space.
Levine said he still plans to press charges.
"If the law does not allow me to press charges, if the law is insufficient, well, that's one of the advantages of being a lawmaker," he said. "I plan to introduce legislation to make sure anyone who comes outside our home with a gun to try to coerce us to change our views on legislation is prosecuted."

Let’s be clear on something: personally, I’m not all about showing up armed in front of people’s homes. Levine (the POS that he is) and his family deserve to live in peace. With that said, it’s his rhetoric and bills that lead to this happening. It was also not illegal for the individual to protest on public property (wasn’t on Levine’s). What did Levine expect, people just to roll over? But when he goes as far as floating the idea of proposing a law to protect legislators and himself (something that won’t be granted to all Virginians), then he is showing that he doesn’t see himself as a representative, he sees himself as a ruler, and rulers are NOT what we have in America (he should have learned that through all of his Nazi hunting days. We’re not the Third Reich or a fascist country, Mark). We are a constitutional republic and our elected officials are bound to the same laws as the people they represent (unless you drive Drunk it seems, right Delegate Hurst?). Legislators are not kings/rulers, they are public servants.

Levine’s Democrat allies have floated the idea of sending the Virginia national guard to enforce their proposed gun laws (sending men with actual machine guns into their constituents’ homes), yet they want extra protection/tools against their insane actions/rhetoric for themselves. All of this madness over Bloomberg’s war on guns and the 2nd amendment needs to stop. It’s not doing anyone any good (as Levine knows first hand). Bloomberg money caused this and we’re seeing the result. Enough is enough. If it happens again, maybe Levine can call the sheriff’s office LOL.


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