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Democrats (and their MSM allies) now love Putin

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

So Vlad came out and said that Hunter Biden didn’t do anything illegal. The Democrat supporters and MSM journalists are jumping on that and taking his side. You’d think after YEARS of chanting “Russia hacked our election”, “Trump is Putin’s bitch,” “Russia Russia Russia” that the left would take a hint that this is Putin helping Biden (or at least pouring gas on the fire) and it isn’t a good look, but nah. Be sure to check the replies to these lol......

Washington Post and MSNBC contributor:

Major Trump critic and Author:

NY Times journalist:

Huffington Post contributor:

USA Today opinion writer:

Another NY Times hack:

You get the idea. The left is so deranged and in denial over the “laptop from hell” (who cares about all the nude Hunter Biden pics, the damning stuff is in the emails and IM’s) that they are believing Putin, their arch-nemesis up until this very moment lol. Why would Putin say it’s all BS? Well let’s see where this goes:

Matt is who was dumping the real Biden laptop emails btw. If the above is legit, seems that Biden is Russia’s puppet, no? No wonder they’re trying to help him......


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