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Democrats screwing over us all!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Tonight, the Democrats in the Senate shut down the stimulus package that would provide financial relief to taxpayers during this crisis. Those who are out of work due to COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in Democrat states that have quarantine/shelter-in-place orders by Democratic governors will be affected most, as no $ is coming to give you a buffer. Democrats in Washington D.C. are playing politics and causing those in Democrat controlled states to suffer. Tell me again how much Democrats care about the people......

Vote them out in November! They will let people suffer financially because “orange man bad” and they can‘t allow him to get a win during this crisis. They are actively working to crash the markets as well (they knew this would be the response tonight for not going along with the stimulus package):

The Democrats would rather attempt to burn it all down for political purposes than put politics aside during a crisis. They are sick and filled with hate. The American people are the ones who will suffer. How do they care so much about “the children“ when their antics are forcing parents to be unemployed and are holding back any financial relief? Stop the games, Democrats.

Oh, and Democrat controlled Chicago tells people to stay off the streets and stay home if their work is “non-essential“, but is still handing out parking tickets. Kind of hard to pay if you don’t have income due to being out of work because of what’s going on!


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