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Douglas County, CO teachers walk out after school board changes to conservative

A Colorado school district was forced to cancel classes on Thursday after teachers called out sick to protest decisions made by the district's conservative-majority school board.
The Douglas County School District said on its website that a "large number" of staff submitted absences for Thursday and all classes across the district's schools were canceled.
"We have reached the point where the number of absences has impacted our ability to provide a safe and supervised learning environment for students," the alert said.
A spokesperson for Douglas County Federation — a local affiliate union of the American Federation of Teachers — confirmed to Insider that Thursday's protests are a culmination of concerns about the school board from district employees, community members, and parents.

Mom-at-Arms researchers have history with the Douglas County School District, and we’ll share that research here briefly. Remember the 2019 STEM shooting in Highlands Ranch? The one in which a transgender student who was bullied shot up STEM Highlands Ranch? That was in that district/county. So here’s what went down in the district immediately following the shooting:

A FOIA request to STEM was stonewalled by STEM Highlands Ranch. The FOIA officer even accidentally responded to an email asking for the FOIA. Check out how much they wanted to complete the FOIA....

Another route was taken. As after the shooting, a vigil was held at the public high school, not STEM. A teacher (Emily Muellenberg) was responsible for the student gun control group at the school, which was a Brady Team ENOUGH chapter. A FOIA request was done with the district. What was found is that Muellenberg planned the vigil, which turned into a rally for gun control. However, the students (ones not part of Brady) themselves staged a protest and walked out due to it being turned into a political event and not a remembrance event for the victims. Anyways, here’s Muellenberg’s email and also emails describing the Douglas County Teacher’s Union involvement in the political vigil (she got Brady Campaign involved).

Muellenberg didn’t plan the “student” vigil alone, though (meaning the only adult). The head of the Douglas County Federation (teachers union) was knee deep in it. She was Brady’s main person it appears.

Fast forward. After the disastrous vigil, the school wanted answers. We got that email too.

So, what’s the point of this article? This “uprising” of teachers has the AFT and Douglas County Federation written all over it. Someone should start FOIA’ing district communications. They were willing to use grieving students for a political agenda, so they’d sure as hell make the students and parents suffer (no school) to protest a conservative school board......

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
05 Şub 2022

Channel Ronald Reagan. He'll tell you how to handle this -- the same way he did.

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