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Everytown attempts NRA hit piece regarding Russia (doesn’t compare to Mike Bloomberg’s Russia past)

This just shows how pathetic they. They sent out this hit piece, which doesn’t come close to the comparison of the one Mom-at-Arms published on Everytown’s main man, Mike Bloomberg, and his Russia connections and comments on Ukraine. Compare:


Maria Butina, now a member of the Russian parliament, is in the news again, giving an interview defending the Russian military’s killing of Ukrainian civilians by suggesting Ukrainians were bombing themselves. As a reminder, here is a brief overview of her deep connections to the National Rifle Association.

Mom-At-Arms/Washington Post:

Now another interview has surfaced. In remarks Bloomberg gave at the Aspen Institute in February 2015, he described Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, annexation of Crimea and hostility to the West as not only understandable but also equivalent to actions the United States has taken over its 200-plus-year history.

“I was talking to somebody the other day about Russia, and nobody thinks that Russia should be in the Ukraine and trying to take land in an independent sovereign country,” he told moderator Jennifer Bradley. “Except, if you really think about it, what would America do if we had a contiguous country where a lot of people in that country wanted to be Americans. Texas and California ring a bell? We just went and took it. I’m not suggesting that Putin’s doing a good thing or that it should be allowed. But we did this. That was 200 years ago, but we did it.” “And you want a warm water port? Guantanamo Bay ring a bell? Someplace. We kept that,” Bloomberg said.
Bloomberg then explained that Putin has good reason to be aggressive in Europe because, according to Bloomberg, the West provoked him by expanding NATO.

“One of the reasons that Putin has reacted the way he did is there was a movement to have NATO be right along the Russian border,” he said. “If you read Russian history, they have always been invaded, and so they know this meant they had a mentality that the world was out to get them.”

He sounds just like the people now that are not jumping full onboard in support of this war on the side of the Ukrainians, eh? More in the links above. Everytown should really keep their mouths shut, though. Mike Bloomberg (Everytow’s founder and main source of $) has been involved with Russia for a very long time, both via making dumbass statements and through Bloomberg Philanthropies, which helps fund both Everytown and programs in Russia. Funny how the same money that’s used to fund gun control here in the US is also sent to Russia so they can “improve” their stuff at home. (that and much more in Mom-At-Arms link above)....


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