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Everytown For Gun Safety Law is having a bad day

They are not taking the Bruen SCOTUS decision well. WE’RE ALL DOOMED ON THIS EARTH NOW!!!!

Justice Thomas really got these goons riled up, and on all days, the decision in which he authored the majority opinion, was released on his birthday.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Jun 27, 2022

So returning to an understanding of the social role of firearms that everyone in the US exercised between 1770 and 1850, and was instrumental in making our country into the powerhouse of the globe, is going to doom billions to a life on a barely habitable earth.

I didn't realize there were that many criminals, Marxist parasites, and grifters. Sorry, Mark, but I agree we should make the world way less habitable for you and those pals of yours..

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