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Everytown spills the beans on the truth behind UBC’s: registry and burdens for the law abiding

The other day, Senator Chris Murphy reintroduced HR8, which is universal background checks:

First, “95%” is a number that was accomplished by a study produced by Everytown and Giffords:

Murphy's bill, the Background Check Expansion Act, would extend a background check requirement to unlicensed and private firearm sellers before selling a firearm. Current federal law doesn't require unlicensed sellers to do background checks before transferring firearms.
Polling from gun reform advocacy groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords finds 93% of Americans support a background check requirement for all gun sales. In 2019, the House passed a comprehensive background check bill, but it died in the Republican-controlled Senate. Democratic Congressman Mike Thompson of California will introduce the House version of the Senate bill on Tuesday.

Now, let’s look at that polling study linked:

Did you catch the part where the 2,400 people surveyed (somehow that represents all of America) also support this? Isn’t this what our side (pro-gun) has been saying that UBC’s are all along?

There you have it. We want to thank Everytown for the polling of their base and their allies in congress for pointing out what their true intentions are (putting law abiding gun owners on a registry and making it burdensome via time and cost for law abiding gun owners to be compliant with the law).


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