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Follow up to gun control group (ICHV) using a public school (Batavia HS) to hold an event

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Many have already seen the article that was written due to this Facebook post by the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence:

Article on it here:

What you may have not seen though is that this is nothing new, and it goes on even earlier than high school. For your reading enjoyment (or disgust), here is the ICHV 15th (2010) annual Student Voices Contest:

Let’s dive into what it is and show some examples:

Nothing wrong with students expressing their opinion, let that be clear. However, these groups use schools As a recruitment tool, as shown in the recent Facebook post (this is nothing new). Further, let’s look at the sponsors:

J.B. Pritzker- The current governor of Illinois that is hell bent on signing EVERY anti-gun law that hits his desk. just days after he took office, he signed the SB337 (gun dealer licensing act) into law, which has forced many Illinois FFLs to either close or move out of state. More on that here:

The Joyce Foundation- Made even more famous by helping spearhead the March For Our Lives movement (think David Hogg if you’re unfamiliar with it). In fact, Nina Vinik of Joyce (been there since 2008) is/was not only on the board of the March For Our Lives Action Fund, she signed off on their federal lobbying reports!

Now, back to the ICHV. Let’s take a look at what some students submitted and how this organization praised them. But first, the judges of the contest (notice anything?):

Yeah, our lovely friends in the MSM.......

Some of the examples of essays:

These kids are scared. To have an organization like ICHV use their pain and fear to advance their agenda and get more $$$ is sickening. They’re using kids as pawns in a political game. Speaking of money, check out these numbers from the same year this contest was held:

The following year?

Back to the Batavia incident:

Wake up, students! You’re being used! They want you to help spread the word and be active for one thing: Money, numbers, and agenda! Their latest 990 filing.

Oh yeah, and this.

It’s not about safety, it’s about politics. These people/organizations are no better than the gun lobby that they hate so much.

To all the children out there,

Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing. You have a right to feel any way you want. You have a right to have your own opinion. You have a right to advocate for your beliefs. With that right, don’t let snakes take advantage of you. Many adults will use children, and those that do don’t have your ultimate best interest in mind. A famous quote:

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

-Adolf Hitler

Let that sink in. Be careful who you make friends with and what you advocate for, and that goes way beyond just gun stuff.



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