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“Fun” with guns in Chicago

While Illinois Democrats and lobbying groups push hard to stop “gun violence“ by targeting law-abiding responsible gun owners with draconian laws, you’ll see them ignore crap like this:

Reckless endangerment, discharge of a firearm in the public, assault with a deadly weapon, and would be willing to bet no FOID cards (I know, they’re BS). But nah, these guys aren’t the problem at all. People who legally buy AR-15’s are....

What’s this guy’s new nickname? I say it’s “wheels“ since he obviously won’t be able to walk for awhile and will need to “roll himself around” because he and is pal are now 2020 Darwin award contenders.

EDIT: YouTube has deleted the video, so here it is (it’s also in the Facebook link in the first paragrap):

Not sure what rule was broken....


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