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Gun control supporting Clark County politician is a murder suspect and also “sells guns”?

Well this is interesting. First, meet Robert Telles, the Clark County, Nevada Public Administrator.

Robert "Rob" Telles is the duly elected Clark County Public Administrator. Rob's primary focus is to ensure that the CCPA serves the community as best as possible. Prior to his election, Rob Telles was the principal and founder of a Las Vegas law firm that focused primarily on estate planning and probate matters

Rob is also a proponent of gun control and supports the gun control group, March For Our Lives. His Twitter account is likely to be axed soon, so here’s the screenshots:

Well, Rob has a problem on his hands. As usual, projection is a factor with gun control proponents, as perhaps they think everyone that enjoys their firearms for sport or self defensive purposes is a violent nut job. Rob, a proponent of gun control, was just arrested for murder.

Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles was arrested on suspicion of murder Wednesday evening in the fatal stabbing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, whose investigation of the politician contributed to his primary election loss in June.

The stunning development came a day after Las Vegas police asked for the public’s help in identifying a suspect in the case. An early morning search of Telles’ home on Wednesday provided the first indication that the Friday killing might be related to German’s work exposing public wrongdoing. The investigative reporter was pursuing a potential follow-up story about Telles in the weeks before he was killed.

Now, on top of that murder and being a proponent of gun control, what was the job of Rob in his capacity as Public Administrator? Why selling firearms for profit, of course!

During administration of estates, the Clark County Public Administrator (CCPA), like all court-appointed estate administrators, is charged with liquidating property of the estate. This includes real property and personal property. The sale of all property is done in the most transparent way to ensure that families and other interested parties are satisfied that the CCPA has obtained the best value possible for estates.
Firearms:The CCPA also sells firearms of estates. Due to the licensing requirements for purchasers, the CCPA sells firearms on consignment through a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Ironic how a gun control proponent is responsible for “selling guns”, on top of being a murder suspect because the reporter he “killed” had dirt on him and it caused him to lose his primary......

As a side note, this is the second vocal supporter of the gun control group March For Our Lives that has been arrested this year for a violent crime.


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Sep 09, 2022

This one is too much of a stretch.

As Clark County Public Administrator, Telles' job was to sign paperwork transferring an estate's firearms to a third-party FFL, then funnel the money back into the estate. It's not as if he got his own FFL and personally dealt in guns, or even had to touch a gun as part of his duties.

This is no different than requiring a county clerk with religious reservations to issue gay marriage licenses (KY), or requiring a woke state attorney to prosecute violations of a state's abortion law (FL), because it is part of the job they signed up to do.

Sep 09, 2022
Replying to

Through some of his other tweets, he admits he “enjoys” shooting. Also, we have confirmation from someone who frequents the FFL he uses to put the guns on consignment. Apparently he’s a very odd dude on top of it.

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