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Hot Topic... "A LIFE ON EDGE"

Recently in the news, you've more than likely heard about a South Carolina woman, who defended her life and home, with a gun, from the attempts of an escapee criminal- that kicked through her backdoor at 3am, grabbed himself a knife sharpener, and made his way to her bedroom. I "love" (sarcasm inserted there) how MSM just makes it all seem so nonchalant.

YES! Reading that, to some, might seem scary. I, as a mother of a young child, though, can't help but feel a bit more on edge. Not saying being a mother puts me in a different position from anyone else reading these headlines, but then again... it does. Not only is my life at risk, but so is the life of my toddler.

Now, before I move on... I want anyone reading to take a gander at this video below. Please note: it's graphic in nature, due to violence.

In this video (caught on a nanny cam), you see a young mother from New Jersey, watching tv with her 3yr old- while her 1yr old infant sleeps upstairs. Then comes along a beast of a man, who breaks in through the backdoor and brutally beats this woman in front of her toddler, who sits traumatized on the couch. Bad Guy even throws Mom down the basement steps, then beats her some more, making his way upstairs, where little brother was sleeping. Bad Guy ends up leaving with just some minor goodies, but in the grand scheme of it all, the dignity and overall comfort of Mom and Toddler... and the rest of their family... has become, what I would call, "A Life On Edge."

You see, even though I believe this mother to be Super Woman, because she took those blows for the sake of keeping her children safe, this would NOT have happened if she were armed. That simple.

Some folks would say that I'm being extreme in my thinking, but in all actuality, things could've been worse for that young New Jersey Mom- who thought she was going to spend the day, just chilling on the couch with her kid(s). Um... I'm pretty sure from the recent events regarding the South Carolina lady, she thought she was going to have a nice night of rest. Both women were survivors of home invasions. One woman was brutally tormented while her child watched, the other... she was tormented, as well, but she made sure that NO OTHER WOMAN WOULD BE A VICTIM BY THE HANDS OF THE CRIMINAL THAT BROKE INTO HER HOME.

See how that works?

No. I do not condone violence in general. I grew up in martial arts, learning why and when to use force. (I HIGHLY suggest everyone take a self defense class. I will be giving tips in my blogging in the future, too.) I also believe that if I can't destroy someone with my rhetoric, I've either met my match, or have lost it completely. No point in crying over it. Just need to up my game.

Point being, just because I, or anyone, owns a firearm, it doesn't mean that we are ready to take out the first thing we see with our big ol' guns. The lady from South Carolina, never killed a person a day in her life and probably never intended to, until one came crashing through her door, with clear intentions of harming hers. NO! It's not cool that someone died, and believe me... anyone who's ever killed for the sake of survival against a criminal, has a long road of healing to do. BUT! An innocent life was saved, and possibly the innocent lives of many more, by a lady... with a gun.

I don't want to keep y'all too long, but another little moral to this story... DON'T PISS OFF A LADY WHEN SHE'S TRYING TO SLEEP.

Just sayin... ;-)


One of your best pieces yet Jilly. Those women, they are my heros, for what they did to protect their families. Exceptional take on your prospective of being a mom. Love it.


Don’t forget the least effective anti-gun ad ever (actually shows the need for women to protect themselves). Restraining order didn’t work, cop on the phone didn’t work, and she’s dead because of it. Ladies, get armed.

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