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Hughes Triggered by Legal Open Carry

This weekend, Hillsborough Board is Commissioner, Matt Hughes (Twitter handle @mghughesnc) tweeted out that a man must be insecure for open carrying in Cracker Barrel. Mr. Hughes was also upset that this gentleman wasn’t wearing a mask in the restaurant. How many elected officials are we going to put in office that don’t know the laws?

For those of you that don’t know, NC is an open carry state. Also, our mask laws do not require someone to wear them in a restaurant. I mean, have you figured out how to wear one while eating. But, I digress.

Upon his tweet receiving remarkable attention, Hughes violated the First Amendment by protecting his tweets and his Twitter account. Twitter is a public forum where elected officials interact with their people. After calling him out, Hughes unprotected his account and tweets. We are not saying there is a correlation to pointing out the First Amendment violation to him and the reopening of his account, we’re just pointing out facts.

Hughes has continued to double down on his tweet. And is in lock step agreement with Kamala Harris that police should not have military weapons. I’ve asked him which ones specifically, but he has yet to answer. My guess is he won’t since he said he rarely does answer.

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