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September 25th, 2019- Former Tulsa, OK Police Officer turned one of America's top pros in the sport of shooting, faced off with Congress, as she stood her ground on the fact that the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms... SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

She did not go head to head with our nation's power players just for herself.

She was a messenger for ALL Americans who value their liberty.

As a Pro 2A Woman... a Pro 2A Mother... I just want to say...

Dianna Muller,




Retired Police Officer turned Pro Shooter, The D.C. Project Founder- Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller is not just another "Gun Nutty" woman standing up against the push- backs of Anti-Gun activists for some sort of political gain. Like myself, Muller is a PRO-Activist, working hard to educate those ignorant on gun safety and ownership responsibilities. Her passion became a grassroots initiative in 2015/ 2016, when she founded The D.C. Project- where she and other female shooting pros, from all backgrounds, came together to educate and inspire others on the meaning of their 2A Right. Their mission also includes motivating people within communities to build relationships with their local and state legislators, to help protect their Constitutional Rights.

As the daughter of a former Virginia Police Captain, who raised me to be aware of my surroundings and to appreciate the opportunity, choice... RIGHT... to Bear Arms- it is very humbling to have Mrs. Muller validate my stances on the matter. What was very disheartening, though, is hearing a Virginia Police Chief say to the same committee that Mrs. Muller gave her testimony to, that she would like to see ALL weapons of self defense banned.

“I believe any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned,” - Chief/ Dr. Rashall Brackney, Charlottesville, VA Police Department.

On September 26th, 2019, I publicly called for the resignation of Chief/ Dr. Rashall Brackney, of the Charlottesville Police Department for her statements that infringe on our American Constitutional Right to Bear Arms- that she made in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on "Assault Weapons" Ban.

I was serious.

As a TRUE Virginian- who loves and cherishes her God Given Liberty... as well as coming from a Law Enforcement Background, I'm not standing for this Gun Control BS in MY HOME STATE!

Brackney went against the oath she took to uphold the overall well-being of Virginians. With that said, let's get something straight... Dr. Rashall Brackney is NOT A TRUE VIRGINIAN. Brackney comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- and Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of Gun Grabber Billionaire Lobbyist, Michael Bloomberg's best pals... Mr. Bill Peduto.

He's also buddies with my favorite Gun Control Mom, Shannon R. Watts: Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Circling back around to Dr. Rashall Brackney, Charlottesville, VA Police Chief... the links below prove that Dr. Brackney and Bill Peduto have worked EXCLUSIVELY with one another in Pittsburgh, PA prior to her move to Virginia.

Dr. Rashall Brackney, before becoming a Virginia Law Officer, was very much involved in Pittsburgh, PA Mayor, Bill Peduto's taskforce(s).

"McDonald added that Zone 1 Cmdr. Rashall Brackney had also increased patrols in the Northview Heights public housing community and had worked with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh to increase its security after two fatal shootings in as many days, and the Aug. 3 discovery of a body dumped in the woods along Penfort Street."

A handful of years later, Brackney came to Virginia to serve as the first female, African American Police Chief in the state of Virginia. As another Mom-At-Arms exposer has pointed out in another article, Dr. Brackney has made some lovely friends along the way- who not only share a mutual connection to Bill Peduto, but also a mutual need to push Gun Control.

Brackney allowed a backing of money from Moms Demand Action to sway her and I am angry.


The arrogance of these women, who many, like Brackney, are not even originally from Virginia. They're commuters or even transplants... like MANY OF OUR DEMOCRATIC VIRGINIA LEGISLATORS.

Rashall Brackney, originally from Pittsburgh, PA is a Gun Control PLANT!

I shared my posts with a large group of other Law Abiding Gun Owners here in VA. A gentleman became inspired by my call and built a petition backing mine, and many other American's thoughts on the matter. I do not know this man personally, but he is definitely my Brother-In-Arms... because that petition has made circulation and is now a news story.

Click the pic below to be taken to the petition:

The petition has been steadily gaining signatures for Brackney to resign from her post as Charlottesville, VA Police Chief. Virginians, as well as many other 2nd Amendment Advocates who are offended by Brackney's lack of care for the American Constitution, HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! WE ARE DONE with the Gun Control Propaganda. WE ARE DONE with the misuse of Moms, Women, "Toxic Males", Gays, Children, etc... as a manipulation for us to give up our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO LIFE AND THE ABILITY TO PROTECT IT!

Readers... Do NOT think your voice doesn't matter. The little petition up there, we didn't think would get 100 signatures, but damn it... we pushed and we tried. Its now over 800 and growing. It's also been featured in news stories throughout the nation. (Click here for NBC News Story on the Petition) The more dents we make with each signature, social media post, direct call, email or letter to our Legislators, the more damage we will do to taking down the Communist Regime that these Gun Grabbing Groups want for Americans.

We, as Law Abiding Gun Owners who stand behind a piece of paper... the American Constitution... have become complacent as Gun Grabbers in Washington D.C. continuously push MORE papers to restrict us from what OUR Founding Father's signed off on.

It's time to make paper trails of our own, 2A Defenders.

And P.S. Former Charlottesville City Councilor Rob Schilling... No. Brackney needs to resign from her position. She made a statement and supports a legislation that could put many Virginians in harm's way. THIS BORN AND BRED VA MOM SAYS SHE NEEDS TO GO!

WE WILL NOT COMPLY! Get'ta Doing Something.


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