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IL GOP leadership locks arms with Dems and supports a gun ban

Never trust a politician. They all, for the most part, hate you. Neither party can be trusted. Looks like lawyers better get lined up to challenge this, cuz it’s coming......

“If people are wondering why we don’t have an assault weapons ban, it’s because the Democrats have dropped the ball. Period,” said Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin.
* House Speaker Welch’s spokesperson Jaclyn Driscoll…
Leader Durkin voted against an extended waiting period for assault weapons, a ban on bump stocks, red flag awareness, and didn’t vote to ban ghost guns.
Still, the Speaker was encouraged to read in media reports that we can count on the minority leader’s vote when the assault weapons ban goes up on the board. Representative Maura Hirschauer will be reaching out to Leader Durkin and we look forward to him signing on in support of HB5522.

Governor Pritzker expects the bill to pass and he will sign it into law.

Gov. JB Pritzker said Monday he's optimistic the Illinois General Assembly will be able to pass an assault weapons ban despite fierce opposition from groups like the National Rifle Association.


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