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Illinois state rep and “fix the FOID” main sponsor: “no guns for senior citizens”?

So according to Rep. Willis, the main sponsor of legislation many pro-civil rights groups are fighting in Illinois, age should be a determining factor in who can have weapons. It’s safe to say that since a minimum age is already established, she’s referring the the Senior population.

Considering the elderly population are already easier targets for criminals (and it’s a problem in Illinois, especially in Chicago), it’s a shame Rep Willis sees that age should even be considered a factor in determining eligibility to have permission (FOID Card) to legally own a firearm in Illinois. To be clear here as well, Rep Willis is partially to blame for the events that led up to the reason why Fix the FOID, her bill, is even on the table for a second time.

Video clip taken from Boris Markovich’s YouTube upload.


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