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Kyle R. support rally organizers on Chicago’s largest AM talk radio station this morning

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Update: Local Moms Demand chapter set to counter protest:

Early this morning, one of the leaders of Illinois Gun Owners Together (IGOT), a truly non-partisan second amendment rights group, was interviewed on AM560 Chicago’s Morning Answer. During the interview, John helped get the word out of a planned rally in support of Kyle Rittenhouse that’s going to take place Saturday 9/5:

No doubt since word about this is now out, counter protests/rallies may occur, maybe even the local Moms Demand Action chapter will get involved. Be it known that IGOT has attempted to offer support to various groups and people of all walks of life, one of which is LGBTQ gun owners. IGOT was scheduled to march at a pride parade last year in the same area in which Kyle is being held (Vernon Hills/Buffalo Grove), but the organizer of the parade is also the area chapter lead of Moms Demand Action. She told IGOT’s members that wanted to offer support (some of which are LGBTQ) not to participate.


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