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League of Women Voters and Moms Demand Action: Politics over common sense solutions to protect kids

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In Illinois, there’s a resolution that would follow in the footsteps of other states regarding schools. The resolution would allow school boards to develop plans to allow trained/qualified armed staff to protect kids in case of an emergency.

Of course right on cue, the activists (actually, they’re both lobbying groups, Moms Demand Action is funded by Michael Bloomberg’s deceitful Everytown For Gun Safety, Which has all to do with gun control and not “gun safety”) who would rather play politics are getting involved as we speak.

So, do they just show up and speak their mind? No. They are persistent goons. FOIA is your friend (Reductions done to protect email addresses).

Guess who got the first comment at a prior BOE (Board of Education) meeting?????