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Leftist anti-gun radio personality glad people are dead because they might be Trump voters

Updated: May 9, 2021

Doesn’t get more deranged than this. These people aren’t for safety, they’re for control. Who the hell in their right mind cheers this type of stuff on?

This is just sick. Not surprising this wacko is making a joke out of it though: JULY 24--The Los Angeles shock jock who has been broadcasting the name of the woman Kobe Bryant has been charged with sexually assaulting was once arrested for domestic violence and had to enter a batterer's program as part of a plea deal with Massachusetts prosecutors, court records show. Tom Leykis, 47, was busted in December 1993 after his then-wife Susan told cops that he struck her in the head with a drinking glass during an argument in their home. Leykis then allegedly "pushed the victim's head into a brick fireplace" and "threatened to kill her," according to the below Boston Police incident report, which notes that officers observed a large bump on Susan Leykis's head as well as scratch marks on one forearm. After a complaint applicationwas filed in Boston Municipal Court, Leykis was formally charged with felony assault and battery and threatening to commit a crime, a misdemeanor. In March 1994, Leykis, who then worked for a Boston radio station, was placed on pre-trial probation and ordered to attend a batterer's program. After Leykis successfully completed a year's probation and the domestic violence class, the criminal charges were dismissed in March 1995. Leykis, whose show is now syndicated, first disclosed the alleged victim's name Tuesday. He has argued that it is not fair that only Bryant's name--and not his accuser--has been made public. Tom and Susan Leykis were divorced in April, according to Los Angeles Superior Court records. (4 pages)

Just another psychotic Democrat cultist with violent tendencies cheering on death if they’re of the “wrong” political ideology and blaming guns because he himself probably can’t be trusted with one.


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