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Lessons learned from CHOP/CHAZ: a detailed analysis

Well today was the end of CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle and we should all take into account some very important lessons from this historic new (now failed) country:

  1. SJW’s and Antifa are dumbasses

  2. Communism doesn’t work (no matter how many times you try it)

  3. That area was a haven for violence under the “new ownership”. Hell, they even shot kids!

  4. Democrat enablers are spineless pussies

  5. The “summer of love” lasted what? 2 weeks?

  6. It smells like shit and B O there (fuckin dirty hippie leftists)

  7. Just looking at pictures of CHOP/CHAZ gives you hepatitis

  8. In the end, the “orange man” or his administration didn’t have to do a thing. The Democratic mayor thought that she’d be ok and supported CHAZ. Only when they turned on her she cried foul and crushed it, proving that Democrats rarely think of the consequences of their actions before it’s too late. All about the “feelz“

That‘s it. That’s The article. This “social experiment“ is a fucking joke lol. Now can we stop pretended this “revolution“ is good or is real and just go back to normal daily life (I know, sitting in mom‘s basement is boring, sorry)? If it doesn’t stop, more McCloskeys are gonna pop up (not that that’s a bad thing at all) because this isn’t a socialist fairy tale, it’s the real world.


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