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MASK OFF: Here's some facts!

I'm not a mask wearer.

Its no lie. I am outspoken about such.

Not just because of "Murica," but.. because, well, I'm a Science Junkie.

Because SCIENCE says that masks are NOT 100% effective, I do not wear one, because that means that my chances of getting whatever virus is swarming around in the atmosphere, is still a pretty good one... or even not. SCIENCE also states that a person's immune system is a major KEY component in battling unwelcome germs, viruses and bacteria, and I wholeheartedly agree... WITH SCIENCE.

Do I condemn those who wear masks? Honestly, most recently, I have posted on my social media outlets my dislike of "Masks," mostly because of the many people... even some close to me, personally... who have condemned me, and others like me who choose not to wear them. People who've known me personally, FOR DECADES calling me a heathen and a fool.

I've seen cutesy, religious based, or humor-filled memes like these shared by these close pals...

And it's sad, really... because they're "personally selective," meaning, they share these things thinking they're something for the common good, but in actuality, they share them for their own selfish reasoning. All while calling others who don‘t wear masks... Selfish.

** Please note. I am a Christian. Proud to be one, and these insults are in retrospect to my Christian pals who have taken things a step further than what I was ever taught in Sunday School.

For example, if you read the ENTIRE 2nd Chapter of the Book of Philippians (passed that verse stated in the cute lil meme up there) it explains in a different light to not be conformed to society, but to keep your eyes on The Lord for the sake of humanity. If you read "But in Humility consider others as more important than yourselves," DON'T STOP THERE, cause you'll find in Philippians Chapter 3, a totally different point of view comes about...