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Mega FOIA of Bloomberg/MAIG immediately following the Sandy Hook shooting

Came across this (surprised we didn’t see it before). They don’t give two shits about safety, just about agenda, image, money, fame. Judicial Watch nailed these scumbags rights after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

Attempting to make (then mayor) Michael Bloomberg the “hero” 1 DAY after the shooting. Pay attention the the Rahm Emanuel mention and then click here:

Here they are getting ready to do a big publicity stunt to capitalize off the deaths of the Sandy Hook kids and “Demand” a plan (same day as above):

Here’s something funny, the Brady Campaign and MAIG fighting over the celebrities, as each group wants this to be their big ticket (again, more about publicity, not about the victims or the tragedy):

Worried about their organization’s image and less about the dead kids. Great, isn’t it? Here’s the video script btw: