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MI lawmaker (who used her time to dox witness during fraud hearings) threatens Trump supporters

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

UPDATE 12/9/20 1:26PM!!!!


Update 2 12/9/20 7:00PM:

The wacko doubled down! Telling people to rise up (especially minorities). Now she‘s trying to start a race war!

The Michigan Democrats are backing her and making her into the victim:

Johnson could not be reached for comment regarding the loss of her committee assignments or the threat of sanctions in the coming House term.
House Democratic Leader Christine Grieg (D-Farmington Hills) and Democratic Leader-elect Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Township) also issued a joint statement that said:
“There is no doubt that this election cycle has been rife with hyper-partisan political rhetoric, theatrics, and dangerous threats of violence toward elected and public officials and their loved ones, which continue to escalate amid the most significant public health crisis in our state and country."
But they said the action against Johnson will only increase tensions:
“Our caucus has called on the Republican leadership to the present Legislature repeatedly to set aside hyperpartisan rhetoric, stop coddling conspiracy theories and condemn threats of violence. Even today, Speaker Chatfield’s decision to summarily remove Representative Johnson from her committee assignments in the final days of the 100th Legislature, and the overheated language of the statement issued by Speaker Chatfield and Speaker-elect Wentworth, illustrates that the Republicans prioritize partisan politics and political theater over healing the wounds of division, preserving the well-being of the Legislature as an institution, protecting the safety of members, and acting on the needs of the people of Michigan.”

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This commie (aka a far left Democrat, which she is) just declared war on all Trump voters In MI. You need to watch what she says to believe it. She literally is calling people to arms to make Trump supporters ”pay”:

In case the embedded tweets don’t pop up (some browsers are having issues with that):