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Minnesota Democrats think women are too dumb and weak to safely own firearms

Trust women. Believe all women, they say. Well, apparently, Minnesota Democrats, Rep Her in this example, think women, especially those who have restraining orders against people, are “not trained well enough” and “can’t remember to flip off the safety” in an emergency. This state rep flat out uses misogynistic talking points to attempt to explain why women and firearms are a bad mix. Watch for yourself:

She’s purposely arguing AGAINST exempting women who have orders of protection out against abusers. She wants to make sure that they DO NOT have readily accessible means of protection at hand to save themselves. This is in regards to the (illegal via the Heller decision) “safe storage “ law being rammed through that requires everyone to lock up their guns and have none available for immediate self defense.

It doesn’t stop there with the DFL’s insanity. While they’re pushing for this “safe storage” law and rallying AGAINST abused women’s right to protect themselves, they’re also trying to get rid of mandatory minimum sentences for violent offenders who use firearms in commission of a crime.

As you can see, this bill is to help criminals evade strict sentences (cuz “equity in justice” or some BS). It should also come to no surprise that the legislator responsible for this criminal empowerment law is a major ally of Moms Demand Action.

This insane bill from a Moms Demand Action key ally comes after a Moms Demand Action MN State Senator (and key vote for their gun control laws) got arrested and charged for felony burglary. The DFL refuses to kick her out, as she is the key vote to enacting gun control in the senate. More on that (and others) here:

The DFL and their gun control allies are Not For keeping innocent people safe. They are for empowering criminals and putting good people at a major disadvantage via legislation that criminalizes aspects of self-defense. Don’t for one minute think these people care about the well-being of individuals. They can’t exist without firearm tragedies and it’s clear they don’t mind them happening as long as it leads to their overall goal: the removal of the 2A in the end.


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