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Mom-At-Arms founder has accepted the role as Virginia Director for the DC Project

Go get em, Jill. You are going to be fantastic at your well deserved & earned new role with the DC Project.

Shannon Watts, you and your allies in Washington have never met a firecracker like Jill before. This tweet you said about the DC Project is going to come back and bite you in the rear end.

Matter of fact, Jill did a write up on it:

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, who is also a self described advocate for women's rights, does NOT think that one... especially a woman... should have opportunity and immediate access to be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right above all else. Her platform, which is a cookie cutter model for anyone pushing Gun Control, makes note of the many lives of women taken due to Gun Violence in America- through serious issues like Domestic Violence. What she does NOT advocate for, are the many MORE women in America who have taken back control of their own lives, by exercising their Right to Self Defensive measures. So, is Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, REALLY an Activist for Women's Rights? As in the above picture, Watts takes a moment to discredit the work that women, like those of The DC Project are doing, who educate women and families on their RIGHTS to self protection. The DC Project is not a group of women pushing guns into the arms of other women in America- the opposite of what Watts and Moms Demand Action are doing: who are actually working to take AWAY the opportunities for women to choose to protect themselves. Instead, The DC Project is uniting women from other organizations and groups, to promote the exploration of opportunities that could help save women's lives, IF needed. The DC Project is also working tirelessly to communicate with government legislators to HOLD CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE, so that NO more innocent women will FALL VICTIM to harm.
So is it really "Anecdotal Puffery" for women to come together to help other women and their families grow as a national community for Women's Rights of Self Protection?
Shannon Watts, a former PR Professional for controversial companies like, WellPoint (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and Monsanto (Round Up) knows all too well the definition of what "Anecdotal Puffery" is. As Mom-At-Arms and other outlets have already proven, Watts' entire platform and Gun Control stance came from such puffed up anecdotes of "faking it till making it" for her astroturf organization, Moms Demand Action.

My money is on Jill. She knows all of your tricks, Shannon. And unlike you, she isn’t backed by a power hungry billionaire. In fact, she uses her OWN money to keep this site up and running. You are dealing with the REAL DEAL, Watts. Not a fraud like yourself.


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