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Moms Demand Action....a German punk rock band?

Upon doing a daily search for Moms Demand Action/Everytown news, came across this LOFL!!!

Translated from German (in link):

MOMS DEMAND ACTION - M.D.A. for short - Known and popular since 2016 as the leading institution in the "Romantic Organ Punk" division on the dance floors of Schleswig-Holstein. Now the four sympathetic and enthusiastic amateur musicians present their second long player THE VANTABLACK ALBUM, their blackest album to date. No eye stays dry and no glass remains empty. Dinosaurs, beards, good and bad times are the inexhaustible topics of their everyday life, and sometimes they also make a serious effort to produce good music with content. The band is entering a wedding of dreams with your hit factory of hearts - the KIELER SCHAUBUDE, which here as a label expertly and tastefully pulls the strings on the way into the dazzling world of music biz.

They have awesome German punk hits, such as “Kill Your Enemies” and “Willfully Stupid”:

So. Next time those red shirt wearing Bloomberg shills start pestering you, just say “are you all fans of the German rock band that is named after horny moms?” These goofs (below) really are due for a name change. Oh, and hey German....we’ll trade our “moms” for your ”moms”.


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